Code Enforcement

Please feel free to contact the Code Enforcement Officer with your code enforcement questions. The Code Enforcement Officer’s telephone number is 610-398-0401.

The Township has adopted ordinances intended to promote the general welfare and harmony of the community. These laws do not cover every type of disturbance possible. For example, we do not handle any type of boundary line disputes between private property owners. The most cited laws include, but are not limited to, prohibitions against:

  • Dogs running at large.
  • Open burning.
  • Weeds over one foot in height.
  • Junk vehicles and equipment.
  • Certain businesses operating from a home.
  • Unnecessary or unreasonable obstructions in a clear sight triangle area of the intersection of two streets.
  • Pools without fencing adequate to keep small children from gaining access.
  • Littering of any kind.