Street Lights

What is the procedure for installing a streetlight?

PPL will install a streetlight only if the Township authorizes them to do so as the Township will incur the cost. Therefore, a completed Streetlight Petition Application must be submitted to the Township Board of Commissioners for their consideration. The applicant may attend the Board meeting to discuss the matter. If the Board finds the request plausible, the Township will authorize PPL to install the fixture.

The estimated time frame is 6 to 9 months after authorization. The Township has no control on when the installation will occur after authorization. A petition is not required for streetlight installation in subdivisions under construction as authorization was pre-approved in the subdivision plan approval process. Usually, streetlights are installed in developing subdivisions when 50% of the houses are built on a given street.

What is the procedure for having a streetlight replaced or repaired?

PPL provides the maintenance on all Township street lights. You can report the problem to PPL or we can report it for you. PPL will need to know the pole location and any identification numbers that are tagged on the pole

Please report all streetlight maintenance requests to the PPL Customer Contact Center at 1-800-342-5775.