Notice of Scheduling Change for 2018 Road Paving Projects

The following roads were scheduled for 2018, but have been postponed until 2019:

List of Roads to be postponed until 2019:

Brown Street-             From Mauch Chunk Road to 21st Street

Ruth Street-                From Mauch Chunk Road to 21st Street

Custer Street-             From Mauch Chunk Road to 21st Street

19th Street-                  From Ruth Street to Jane Street

20th Street-                  From Custer Street to Brown Street

The aforementioned roads were originally budgeted for and scheduled to be paved this year. However, UGI informed the Township of a gas line replacement project that is scheduled for 2021 in this same area. UGI requested that if the Township would postpone the paving project until next summer, UGI would adjust their schedule to begin the gas line project in October 2018 and be completed by May 2019, allowing the paving work in this area to be completed afterward.

This coordination will prevent the road from being paved, ripped back up in a few years and paved again.  Once the roads are resurfaced, there will be a 5-year moratorium in effect which does not allow any excavations in the newly paved streets.  The funds budgeted in 2018 will now be used to pave Mauch Chunk Road from Rt.22 to 18th Street.

We apologies for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. If you have any questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 610-398-0401.